Cost of Ignoring this Epidemic

Cost of Ignoring this Epidemic

This “Hidden Epidemic” has been extremely costly to society because it has been ignored for so long.

The symptoms of Binocular Vision Dysfunction/Impairment imitate almost exactly those of “Learning Disabilities” like Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), and other reading disabilities.

As these Learning Disabilities are diagnosed entirely based on symptoms, if all 17 types of Visual deficits that contribute to Binocular Vision Dysfunction/Impairment, have not been ruled out as the cause of the symptoms, then the chances of a mis-diagnosis of a Learning Disability, when there maybe isn’t one, is extremely high.

Learning Disabilities cannot be repaired but Binocular Vision Dysfunction/Impairment, that causes the same symptoms, can be.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada did a study which found that “the cost of “supporting a child with” a Learning Disability from birth to retirement is $1.982 million per person”.

Stats Canada reports that 3.2% of children or 240,000 children in Canada have a designated Learning Disability. This number does not include all those children who have the symptoms of learning disabilities but have never been officially designated. The total cost of supporting just these 240,000 children to retirement is about $480,000,000,000 or 480 billion dollars.

If only 10% of the designated Learning Disabled children had Binocular Vision Dysfunction instead of a true learning disability then diagnosing and treating them would save society $47,000,000,000 or 47 billion dollars.

Studies out of the University of Waterloo have shown that the number could be closer to 60% of designated LD children who were found to have neuro-visual deficits. In that case the savings of accurate diagnosis and successful treatment could be upwards of $288,000,000,000 or 288 billion dollars.

These numbers also don’t take into consideration that only 1 in 4 children with learning disability symptoms actually get officially counted by Stats Canada.