The Visual Process Society is dedicated to raising awareness for the "Hidden Epidemic" of undiagnosed Neuro-Visual deficits and to providing support for individuals to get the help they need!

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Anita Murray-Hill


Anita Murray-Hill is the founder of the Visual Process and mother to Helena who after successfully completing Dr. McCrodan's therapy has gone from needing reading assistance to scoring A's in school.


Dr Cam McCrodan

Optometrist specializing in Neuro-Visual Rehabilitation

Dr. McCrodan is an optometrist, humanitarian, and founder of McCrodan Vision Development, a neuro-visual rehab, vision therapy, vision development, and behavioural optometry clinic in Victoria. He consults and provides volunteer time for The Visual Process Society.

Sucha More

Sucha More

The Visual Process President

Sucha More is The Visual Process President. His son completed Dr. McCrodan's rehabilitation program after a sports related head injury affected his vision.


Tait Sharkey

The Visual Process Board of Directors

Tait Sharkey has had visual deficit challenges since childhood that negatively impacted his ability to learn, play and achieve. It wasn't until he met Dr.McCrodan as a adult patient that he realized the full extent of his challenges. He now has improved visual function after completing Neuro-Visual reahabilitation. He wants to see that every Child has an equal opportunity for quality of life and achievement and he sees The Visual Process Society as the best place to help this happen. He has been with the society since its inception.


Jen Gibson

The Visual Process Board of Directors

Jen is a middle-school teacher whose daughter has successfully completed Dr. McCrodan's therapy program. She has been working with Anita to develop The Visual Process pilot program with School District #62.


Donna Miller

The Visual Process Board of Directors

Donna Miller


Lara Allsopp

Web Designer

Lara Allsopp joined The Visual Process after her son Kalan was diagnosed with binnocular vision. She designed and maintains this website, the Facebook page and other media sites for The Visual Process.


James McCrodan

The Visual Process Board of Directors

James McCrodan is Dr. Cam McCrodan's father and supports and raises awareness for The Visual Process.

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